Trip to the Riverwalk

Trip to the Riverwalk
What a Fantastic Bunch!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday at Rest

I had a fairly busy weekend, so to speak.  Saturday morning we went to Sazon Mexican Restuarant on Potranco & Ellison for breakfast.  It is our favorite Mexican restaurant to eat breakfast.  We had the Chicken Tortilla Soup.  They have the best tortillas!  Then at 1:00 pm I went to our Cub Scout Pool Party and met with some of the new leaders for awhile.  The Cub Scouts were having fun swimming at the Lackland War Hawk Pool.  I only stayed about an hour because of the heat.  I'm doing better, but not handling the heat well yet. 
After that, Kim & I went to see the Eat, Pray, Love movie with Julia Roberts.  No, I didn't have to drag my husband to see a chick flick.  Julia Roberts is one of Kim's favorite actresses, so he took me instead.  It was an okay movie.  I'm more of a SciFi/Fantasy person. 
Then we went to China Sea Buffet to eat Dinner.  We always eat way too much when we go to a buffet.  You just feel like you have to eat alot to get your moneys worth.  It's not like you can take the leftovers home with you! Then we visited with Ian & Mickie & the grandkids.  Adrian, our son & Xenia, our granddaughter came to Ian & Mickie's house as well.  We only stayed there a couple of hours.  Then went home.
Sunday, we rested in the morning, then went to Church at 2:00 pm.  Our ward, Heritage Ward, meets from 2:30 - 5:30 pm this year.  After Sacrament was passed, I had to sit in the foyer as it was so crowded that the perfumes were getting to me.  The sound was up loud though in the foyer, so I was able to hear the talks.  Then I taught the Family History Class.  We are on Lesson 5.  Learning how to interview people for Family History.  Afterward, we had a Combined Priesthood/Relief Society Meeting.  It was on the classes that LDS Family Services have.  Kim & I are Home Teaching companions again.  We went by to visit a sister in the ward, but she had moved.  We came home & rested again.  I worked on some Family History & read.  We had chicken sandwiches for Dinner. 
Not too bad of a weekend if you ask me!

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