Trip to the Riverwalk

Trip to the Riverwalk
What a Fantastic Bunch!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday on the Run

Well, my day has started with a walk with Lucy, my dog.  Lucy was very excited as we haven't been walking for awhile because of the heat.  I got up early enough to beat the heat.  It was only 80 degrees when we left.  We walked 3 laps around the park, 3/4 of a mile.  Talked with some people at the park.  One little male chihuahua was very interested in Lucy (110 lb Rhodesian Ridgeback).  I told him he had really high hopes.
Afterward, I had a breakfast of homemade wheat bread, fresh eggs, avocado, homemade sauerkraut, and fresh raw milk.
I played around on the computer for awhile, then Kim & I went to Lackland AFB so he could renew his civilian DOD card.  Before we left, we helped a young, female Trainee on crutches find the building that she was looking for.  The driver had dropped her off at the wrong building.  I'm glad we were there to help.
We went by the Library to return some books I had checked out.  I decided that instead of spending money on novels, I would just check them out at the Library.  You can go to the Library website, look up a book, request it to be held for you, they send it to your library, and you pick it up.  I don't have to search through the Library for a book that may not be there.  Great!!!
On the way home, we noticed CLOUDS in the skys.  Yes!!! The Front is on it's way here.  
I made Kim's lunch for him, left-over roast and vegetables. Sent him off to work!
I've been watching Doppler Radar all afternoon hoping for some rain.  First storm passed up with only a few minutes of light rain (while others were drenched!).  Checked again, there is another storm up around New Braunfels headed our way.
That storm missed us as well.  Temperatures did drop a little bit though.  Hopefully, we will get some more rain soon.  I went to HEB to buy some groceries, then came home.  I bought Lucy a big box of Milk Bones which she recognized immediately.  She had not eaten any of her food today, even the left-overs I gave her.  As soon as she ate 2 milk bones, she went ran over & ate her left-overs.  I guess she was on a hunger strike because I did not have any milk bones for a few days.  That's how she pouts!  She won't eat.

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