Trip to the Riverwalk

Trip to the Riverwalk
What a Fantastic Bunch!!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cruizin' On a Saturday Afternoon!

Kim, Xenia, & I went on a day trip to Fredericksburg to celebrate Kim & my 24th anniversary.  Our anniversay was on Aug 22nd, but we haven't had time to do anything yet.  We ate breakfast at Sazon on Potranco.  Then we took our time going North on Hwy 16 (Bandera Rd).  We didn't stop in Bandera as there was a festival of some kind & it was very crowded.  Then we continued to Medina & stopped at the Love's Apple Orchard Store & Cafe.  Bought some Apple Ice Cream and a slice of apple pie and petted the cat, which chomped down on Xenia because we were petting & tickling her.  Sorry Xenia!  Then we drove through Kerrville to Frederickburg.  We then took HWY 290 east about 8 miles to the Wildseed Farms.  We toured through there & saw all the stores & beautiful plants, flowers & butterflies.  Then we drove back to Fredericksburg & ate a nice dinner at Bejas Restaurant.  Then we drove back to San Antonio on I-10.  I took Xenia home & now we are resting.  It was a very nice day!

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