Trip to the Riverwalk

Trip to the Riverwalk
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nutty Applesauce Breadmaker Bread Recipe

Nutty Applesauce Breadmaker Bread
D. Lynn Johnson

3 cups* white bread flour or whole wheat** flour (or 50/50 or whatever you like)
5½ oz water***
5½ oz applesauce, mixed with the water
a cup mixed chopped almonds and pecans (more or less to taste)
1/3 cup milk powder
2 tablespoons cooking oil
2 tablespoons honey
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon active dry yeast****
1 egg

Place the yeast, salt, and milk powder in the bottom of the breadmaker pot.

Add the flour (also add gluten powder at this time). Jog the pot to level the flour. This will compact the flour a little and prevent the liquid from soaking through to the yeast.

Add the nuts, honey, and oil.

Hold a spoon down near the flour and pour the water/applesauce mixture into the spoon to avoid
digging a hole in the flour.

Add the egg.

Place the pot in the breadmaker and set the timer.

Some machines suggest putting the liquid ingredients in first, and floating the flour on top. I have
found that this eventually fouls the mixer bearing, causing it to stick and not rotate freely. Putting
the liquid on top in the manner described above solves this problem. The liquid will not soak
through to the yeast, even if the timer is set for ten or more hours.

* I weigh my flour and water/applesauce. For white bread flour I use 480 grams of flour and
290 grams of liquid. For King Arthur traditional whole wheat I use 465 grams of flour and
312 grams of liquid. I also use 1½ teaspoons of yeast for whole wheat.

** Note: I have found that some whole wheat flours are better than others. If your flour
doesn’t give a tall light loaf, try adding 4 teaspoons of gluten powder.

*** Adjust the fluids content as needed. Adding more will give a higher loaf, up to a point, and
coarser pores.

**** A little more yeast may be needed for whole wheat, depending upon the flour.

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